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General Visitor Requirements

All visitors to Thaler Machine Company must comply with security measures as directed by our policies and procedures. To prepare for a visit, we offer the following requirements. All sales calls require an appointment.  Call your contact at (937) 550-2400 or email to schedule.

Our customers and governmental agencies require Thaler Machine Company to follow strict requirements when guests visit our facility. Thaler Machine Company is registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). Thaler Machine Company is not permitted to have any non-U.S. citizens or those that hold dual citizenship enter our facility at any time without prior approval, an approved plan for the visit and written approval from our top management.

Upon arrival to Thaler Machine Company, a valid passport held by those individuals that are non-U.S. citizens or those that hold Dual Citizenship is required. Submitting a valid passport is only one step in our security process and does not mean any access will be given. It is a single step in obtaining approval from our Security team and will be necessary for each visit. Thaler Machine Company may change or deny access at any time.

All visitors must enter the building through the main office. Simply ring the doorbell for access into the lobby. Upon arrival at Thaler Machine Company and before entering our facility beyond the lobby, individuals may be required to show a form of photo identification such as a valid driver’s license, passport or a government issued ID and fill out entry paperwork provided by Thaler Machine Company.

Electronic devices, unless written pre-approval is obtained from our Security team, are NOT permitted to enter our buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile/cell phones, computers/laptops/tablets, cameras, PDA’s, any sort of USB devices, smart watches, iPods and iPads. The approved device(s) will be subject to verification by a member of the Security team upon arrival at our facility. In the event an electronic device is approved to be brought on site, there is no guarantee of internet access. Internet access is granted by the Thaler Machine Company Security Team.

Due to the nature of our business, it is our policy to restrict access to the shop floor. Along with other criteria an individual must be properly dressed. Standard safety protocol will be followed during the visit. Normal attire is acceptable with no open toed shoes. Each visitor will also be required to wear essential personal protective equipment during the visit.

Upon completion of visit, each visitor is expected to perform our exit process including but not limited to returning issued visitor badge and signing out.

Please assist Thaler Machine Company abide by our customer’s confidentiality standards and governmental regulations. Each customer, supplier, visitor, etc., can expect that Thaler Machine Company will take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of every all information.

We appreciate your cooperation.

We also have customer specific and government type security clearances for work we perform which entails the utmost confidentiality.

Failure to comply will be addressed immediately including possibility of arrest.